Finding Joy


I love life, always have. Yet a few months back I became aware of my lack of joy. And finding time to figure out the cause was nearly impossible. Ah, finding time. Work, family, chores, church, commitments, and writing had soured my zest for life. Yep, the very things I love had managed to overwhelm me and steal my joy. I was looking at life through a lens of hurry-repeat and worry-repeat. I want to be happy, grateful, and enjoy life to the fullest. So how do I get my joy back?

Prioritizing and shuffling my schedule has helped. But seeking God’s answer has made the most impact. True lasting beauty and joy is found in a heart that rests secure in God’s love. So…to be joyful, I’ve decided to begin a quest to rest secure in God’s love. These are a few things I can think of to do amid a busy schedule:

  • Inhale the truth. God is there.
  • Believe in the power of love. God is there, too.
  • Develop unwavering faith. It is built on a foundation of security in God.
  • Adapt laser-sharp focus on anchoring a mindset of gratitude. God uses gratitude to reveal His love.
  • Use prayer to rejoice. God inhabits prayer – This one is tricky. Prayer isn’t meant to be a session where we tick off our worries to God. We can’t “inform” Him of anything – He already knows. Prayer is meant to be a communion with God, a conversation, and a way to interact and get to know Him. Prayer is the ONLY way to communicate with God. He doesn’t have an email address, phone number, or PO Box. So when you pray, ask…believe…and receive. This cycle enables us to be thankful in every situation. We don’t need to try to pray away problems; we need to praise God all the way through them.
  • And last, but not least, I’m filling my life with things that give me joy. Although I may still be in training, one of my joys is writing. 

One thought on “Finding Joy

  1. Hi Jan, In going through some old emails, I came upon your post about finding joy. I have to say this is such a great one, I’m going to print it out and tape it on my fridge as my goal for 2015. Happy New Year! I’m anxiously awaiting another book from you.

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