Oops I did it again!


The labor pains have ended! After a year of brainstorming, plotting, writing, rewriting, editing, and proofing…it’s a book! My second book, Invisible Surveillance is here. It’s the sequel to Powerless Consent. Help me celebrate by clicking over to Amazon and buying a copy. It’s only $2.99. If you don’t have a Kindle, just download Kindle for PC, it’s FREE!                     INVISIBLE SURVEILLANCE

Invisible Surveillance is back…

Now the high tech spying technology is spiraling out of the CIA’s control.  The only one who can stop it is Callie Hunter, along with her CIA fiancé, Jack Oakes.

But Jack has a secret that a madman is using to destroy his credibility.  This, combined with disappearing data, missing evidence files, and falsified records, halt all their efforts and test their faith to the breaking point.

Can Jack redeem himself, or will he loose everything he holds dear?

Will he and Callie be able to stem the tide of this espionage destruction?

Finding answers won’t be easy . . . Not everything is as it seems.


Four months post Powerless Consent…


The Moment

 Cambria, California – Friday, October 21st10:07 a.m.

Ten seconds before the knife penetrated him, Jack Oakes accepted the fact he was about to die. He’d had his share of scuffles in the line of duty, but he’d never looked pure evil in the eye.

The blade punctured his gut and burned like a son-of-a-gun. His shirt blossomed a bright red before his eyes. That phrase ‘everything went into slow motion’ suddenly rang true as his senses stalled. His racing heart yanked him back to the here and now. With every morsel of strength he had, he wrestled with the handcuffs. Each twist scraped his raw skin, sending hot jabs of pain through his arms. No doubt his wrists were bloody, too.

His muscles quivered and perspiration soaked his brow, seeping into his eyes. The sting managed to steady his senses. To get his bearings, he blinked until he had clear sight. Shackled by fear and totally powerless, he peered into the stone cold eyes of his assailant. He wanted to kick the jerk but his legs felt like two stacks of bricks and wouldn’t move. A buzzing sound hummed in his ears and he felt numb. That couldn’t be good.

He heard the unmistakable sound of gunfire and jerked back, striking his head against the wall behind him. But who had a gun? A blessed silence rolled in behind the shot. Another surge of pain bit into his stomach as the blade released. His assailant fell back in a whoosh, the knife still clutched in his hand.

“Jack!” Callie’s trembling voice echoed from the doorway.

Dazed and disoriented, Jack sharpened his focus. Although she stepped toward him, she appeared to grow farther away. Farther and farther than he could understand.


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