Run Hilariously Through This Crazy Life!

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A few months back, I went to visit my son and his family in Georgia. My boisterous seven-year old grandson recruited me to read his bedtime story. I was barely through the first paragraph of Curious George when Logan yawned. An odd squeak snuck out of his mouth. His funny little sound made me giggle. And we all know that giggles are contagious. My little Buddy laughed so hard tears pooled in the corners of his eyes. Curled on the bed, each time I tried to end the laughing and get back to reading, he’d howl even more. It didn’t take long for his all-consuming-merriment to become irresistible. I had to join him. I howled hilariously until my cheeks hurt. It was the best ten minutes I’d spent in years. What a blessing that moment was. And it really got me thinking.
When I was young, uncontrollable laughter was an everyday occurrence. And life just seemed…lighter. What’s changed? Why is my life so much more serious? Maybe adopting a hilarious mindset can ease some of the stress I face every day?

There are so many things in our day-to-day lives that are down right hysterical. I’m chosing to look through a lens of humor and hoping life will take on a sweet and joyful flavor. I think I’ll start with writing. Misplaced commas can be ridiculously funny… such as:
Let’s eat Grandpa!
Let’s eat, Grandpa!
I’m smiling! Looks like I’m off to a great start.

Let me know if you have any good jokes to share!


6 thoughts on “Run Hilariously Through This Crazy Life!

  1. Great Memory!

    Last weekend, after indulging in a few glasses of wine with my hubby, and watching a not so humorous comedy on cable TV, we went to bed. Our usual late night Saturday of 10:00 P.M. Sharing the sink, we took out our contact lenses; I washed my face, put on my PJ’s and I crawled into bed, moaning about every aching, tired bone in my body! My hubby climbed into bed next to me and caught his un-manicured toenails on the sheets. After letting out a high-pitched scream of pain he started to giggle, uncontrollable, for five minutes! It became contagious! I laughed so hard my stomach hurt! The next morning, neither one of us knew what we were laughing about…must have been the wine! Or, if you new what his toenails looked like, you’d laugh too! 🙂

    Feel good moments!



    • Now that’s funny! The best part is not remembering what you laughed about! And for the record, I don’t want to see John’s toenails!
      Hey, maybe we should write a comedy blog together???
      Smiling at you,

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