Find and Replace – 5 Easy Steps


Find and Replace – 5 Easy Steps!

I read a great article the other morning that spurred some thinking. There’s a nifty tool in MS WORD called “find and replace”. After locating an existing word, you can replace it with one more suitable for the sentence. It’s a handy dandy option no matter how big the document. It’s particularly delightful for writers. Mid-way through writing my first novel, Powerless Consent, I decided I wanted to change one of my character names. Ah…find and replace made it easy peasy. I entered the old name in the “find what” field and entered the new name in the “replace with” field. Once I selected replace all…poof, the old name was gone and the new one magically took its place.

The “Poof”…got me thinking.

What if we had a “find and replace” option to locate bad habits or behaviors and replace them with good ones? Wow, wouldn’t that be the coolest thing ever? But in reality, wishes and things that magically go poof just don’t happen. But we do have the ability to find and replace our faults the good old fashioned way.

Step 1: Find your fault and decide to change.

Step 2: Adapt an attitude of gratitude.

Step 3: Pray.

Step 4: Be disciplined and work hard.

Step 5: Believe in yourself.

Accomplishment trumps being stuck in a rut and deciding to change is the first step.

Be bold…just do it!


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