Faith or Fear?


Christie Craig, NY Times Bestselling Author, and chapter mate extraordinaire, hosted me on her blog last week. She’s such a gem – always willing to help out newbie’s. I posted a blurb about my debut novel, Powerless Consent, and answered some questions. One question in particular triggered some heartfelt replies.

Which three words best describe your book?

IntrusionPowerless Consent spotlights a high tech concept called Invisible Surveillance. The technology monster possesses the ability to receive live video from cell phones. What if they’re watching you?

Intrigue – Who, what, where, and how build from chapter to chapter as the secrets of Invisible Surveillance are revealed.

Inspiration – Can faith extinguish fear? With a plotline revolving around spying and deception, a heartwarming ending reminds us that love never fails.

Can faith extinguish fear seemed to stand out. Three lovely ladies replied sharing examples in their own life when their faith was tested and how time, perseverance, and prayer have helped them mend.

Have you ever chosen faith over fear? I’d love to hear your story…


One thought on “Faith or Fear?

  1. Good morning!

    Sorry we didn’t connect yesterday! Ruff weekend with my benefit Saturday. I’ll fill you in later.

    Great blurb about your book! I plan on mailing out all the bookmarks with personnel note this week, now that I have more time. I also have to purchase from amazon!

    Have a great day!

    Love you!

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